Lecturing at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

June 9, 2014

Sabrina Bresciani at IIM Bangalore

A big thank you to Prof. Shainesh and to all the students of the EPGP of IIMB for the wonderful participation during my lecture!


Presentation at the International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design

April 23, 2014

Our study on “THE EFFECT OF KNOWLEDGE VISUALIZATION ON ATTITUDE: SCALE DEVELOPMENT AND APPLICATION IN EUROPE AND CHINA”,has been accepted for presentation at the International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design.

I conducted this study with Prof. Jianxin Ge and Yaru Niu (Sharon) of the Central University of Finance and Economics of Beijing, China.

This is the presentation of the study which I will give next Friday April 25th at 9am in Hall 2attitute-toward-the-strategy-scale-and-experiment


Visual representations of information can offer several benefits compared to textual communication: this study examines the effect of knowledge visualization, compared to a textual control condition, on attitude toward the content, specifically a company strategy. A scale of attitude for this specific context has been developed and tested in Europe and China. The study outcome provides a parsimonious and effective tripartite scale of attitude with cognitive, affective and behavioral components. The scale is then applied to a different sample to test the effect of visual mapping on attitude toward the content, and to test for the moderating effect of culture (Europe and China). The results of the experiment show that subjects exposed to the visual conditions had a significant more positive affective and cognitive attitude toward the content.

Using Facebook for presenting facebook organizational culture

November 22, 2013

Today I witnessed an innovative presentation modality: a facebook page instead of the usual PPT. Although unusual, the medium fits very well the topic of the presentation, which is about the corporate culture at Facebook.

My students of the Organizational Behaviour course uploaded their presentation on this facebook page and made us experience how it feels working at facebook: in fact the presentation lasted longer than usual, but they gave us free sweets during the presentation, to keep us motivated… exactly like Facebook is doing in its offices (free food, many benefits, but work many hours). Brilliant and creative, well done!

You can check out the presentation at https://www.facebook.com/organisationalbehavior?ref=profile

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facebook sweets OB course USI

CEMS Intercultural Management Communication Presentations

May 1, 2013

Great presentations were delivered by the St.Gallen CEMS Master students, for the Intercultural Management Communication course.

The presentations were both entertaining and insightful: very talented students and great actors!

Untitled-4 Untitled-1 cems3


More pictures are available on the course webpage

The impact of social media on the purchasing process

November 27, 2012

My students of the Visual Literacy for Management course just gave excellent presentations at Interbrand Zurich on the topic of social media and purchasing process. At Interbrand, the largest brand consultancy in the world, Dr. Jürgen Häusler gave us very interesting insights on branding and on his approach/philosphy. Then the students amazed us with insightful and interactive presentation, from PptPlex through Prezi’s animations and live sketching:

Prezi’s new interace and improved functions

November 2, 2012

Halloween brought a nice surprise to Prezi users: a complete and substantial update of the visual mapping software. I tested it: new version works really well! Several improvements not only regarding the interface: it is now faster, it doesn’t freeze anymore, there’s a library of icons and more freedom to chose Fonts, change font/colour withtin a sentence, and has an improved interface for editing the path. Bravo Prezi!

Visualize it! ISP MBA guest lecture

September 26, 2012

Today I’m giving a guest lecture at the ISP MBA of the university of St. Gallen: I’m really excited to meet the international excecutive students, and discuss with them the topic of Global Management Communication. The presentation “Visualize it! Improving global management communication across cultures with visual mapping” is available online.

After the lecture:

This is the link to the TED talk on Indian vs. Western mythology we talked about in class: http://www.ted.com/talks/devdutt_pattanaik.html

Visual Literacy for Management

September 20, 2012

The presentation of the course Visual Literacy for Management, which I teach at the University of St. Gallen, is now online in a completely new format: a prezi presentation with a temple metaphor. It is also potrayed as ‘Visualization of the month’ on www.knowledge-communication.org

Note: you need a good internet connection to be able to open it

Presentation – Universidad del Pacifico, Lima

August 19, 2012

At the International Week of the Universidad del Pacifico, in Lima (Peru), I’m giving a presentation on “Communicating across Cultures with Interactive and Conceptual Visualization: Emerging Trends in Managerial Communication”, on August 23rd at 07:30- 09:30 . Here you can find the presentation.

Some more links from the presentation:

Interactive map of visual tools:

TED Talk using dual coding:

The Anti PowerPoint Party

July 15, 2011

PowerPoint is a standard for corporate meetings and educational presentations. Yet many people feel constrained by the medium. So constrained that now there is an ” anti PowerPoint party “, a movement against the use of presentation software.
I don’t think it’s all PowerPoint’s fault, tough. The problem are the people who don’t use it properly. I am not so sure their presentations would be any better without a support! And – of course- visual representations would help in making any presentation more lively and engaging 😉

Thank you Alice and Alex for the link.

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