How can intercultural communication be learnt? on site!

January 31, 2017

Cattura.PNGThe Univesity of St. Gallen just published in the news an article about ym Field Trip to India course which took place last November.

“How can intercultural communication be learnt? Sabrina Bresciani is convinced that it’s best to do so on site. The Assistant Professor of Digital Communication at the University of St.Gallen spent a week in India with 15 students in November 2016…” Read the entire article on the Focus Magazine

The Harvard Atlas of Economic Complexity and the Decade of India

January 7, 2017

I find the Atlas of Economic Complexity very impressive and certainly worth exploring. Developed by the Center for International Development of Harvard University, the interactive Atlas application allows to explore import and export data of all counties on earth. Even more impressive, by clicking the “product feasibility” button, you get a chart with maps which products are feasible for the selected country, based on complexity and distance. You are even allowed to download and share the maps created.

Based on this indexes, the Harvard Center for International Development New Global Growth Projections “Predict the Decade of India” with a growing rate of nearly 7%, while for China “the researchers expect to face a continued slowdown to 4.3 percent growth annually to 2024.”




Thanks Martin for suggesting the websites.

Historical summary of milestone articles on visualization

January 7, 2017

The visual journalist Kennedy Elliot compiled “39 studies on human perception in 30 minutes.” Her article is informative and easy to read, offering a great summary of the most influential articles on visualization.


The best visualization tools to create charts

January 7, 2017


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