WEIRD people: cultural differences in reasoning style and visual perception

When we travel to exotic countries, especially developing nations, we often find the locals to be kind of weird. But let’s be honest, we are the weird ones, because we are the minority. I was very glad to find that some scholars had the same thought, and just published their research on the dangers ofContinue reading “WEIRD people: cultural differences in reasoning style and visual perception”

Virtual World Conference

— GUEST POST by ANDREAS SCHMEIL — The program of The Virtual World Conference is online now, at The Virtual World Conference is a unique event exploring the use of online virtual worlds for learning, collaborative work and business ventures, which will be hosted over a 24-hour period entirely in Second Life on 15Continue reading “Virtual World Conference”

Start-ups’ branding

Our article “Brand new ventures? Insights on start-ups’ branding practices” has just been published by the Journal of Product & Brand Management (Vol. 19 Iss: 5, pp.356 – 366, 2010). The paper aims to shed light on the specificity of branding approaches for young companies for the reason that branding is a crucial activity forContinue reading “Start-ups’ branding”

Knowledge Visualization at I-KNOW 10

Our research group had two presentation and a poster (see last week’s post) at the I-Know conference 2010. Martin Eppler presented his research with Alice Comi on inter-organizational knowledge sharing (in the picture below). They found that groups using visual representations are more productive than groups using traditional plain paper. And interactive visualization (= computer-based)Continue reading “Knowledge Visualization at I-KNOW 10”

I-KNOW conference 2010

The I-KNOW conference just took place in Graz, Austria. Lots of talking about visualization, starting with the first keynote Marti Hearst (UC Berkley). In her plenary talk she emphasized the trend toward more and more audiovisual communication at the expenses of text. We are glad to know that 🙂 She was presenting directly from herContinue reading “I-KNOW conference 2010”