Harvard Business Review on Visual Facilitation

The magazine of Harvard Business Review in September is featuring an article on visual facilitation in business: Vision Statement: Tired of PowerPoint? Try This Instead. Graphic recording (or visual facilitation) consists in capturing in a graphical form the discussion and the interaction of a meeting. It’s a valid alternative to powerpoint, useful both to summarizeContinue reading “Harvard Business Review on Visual Facilitation”

Visual search

visual search engines are getting more and more useful and popular. So popular that Google is said to be interested to acquire them, according to today’s news on the Wall Street Journal Europe. Like.com is a comparison-shopping website from California, that allow the users find cloths that look alike (see the picture below). A similarContinue reading “Visual search”

Mapping Change, Changing Mappings: SMS extension in Venice

The Strategic Management Society is organizing a one day Workshop on “Mapping Change, Changing Mappings: Conceptual Shifts in Strategy“, in Venice September 10th 2010. In the morning it “will be addressing the most fundamental theoretical perspective on conceptual change in strategy and their dynamics”. The afternoon will focus”on how representations and “tools” based on representationsContinue reading “Mapping Change, Changing Mappings: SMS extension in Venice”

Visual representations @ Academy of Management meeting

The Academy of Management annual meeting just took place in Montreal (August 6-10, 2010) with 8000 participants from 80 countries. This huge and prestigious event has pulled together scholars from all facets of management, from entrepreneurship to social innovation, to managerial education with new media and hardcore management theory. Despite 1801 sessions were organized, onlyContinue reading “Visual representations @ Academy of Management meeting”