Branding & Visualization

At the Visual Literacy for Management course we just had a very interesting guest lecture by Sebastian Kernbach of Interbrand, the biggest brand consultancy in the world. He gave a lecture on branding, focusing on the visulization aspect and also on the benefits of using sketching for developing a brand campaign, which is the topicContinue reading “Branding & Visualization”

Windows 8 on Eee tablet pc

Windows 8 will be released tomorrow, and I got the chance to have a preview, testing it on a tablet Eee PC. The metro interface is really a surprise and a remarkable difference from the traditional Windows interface. It resembles the graphic and interaction of a tablet or smart phone, but I assume that mostContinue reading “Windows 8 on Eee tablet pc”

From cooperation projects to markets

The symposium “Un mondo alla rovescia: quale ruolo per la cooperazione internazionale” took place last Saturday in Lugano, organized by Fosit (Federazione ONG della Svizzera italiana) and USI’s MIC program (Master of Advances Studies in intercultural Communication), among others. During the morning a panel of experts on the topic of International Cooperation had a provocativeContinue reading “From cooperation projects to markets”

Post-Doc Researcher Position in Knowledge Visualization and Intercultural Communication

Our team has won a Swiss National Science Foundation grant for a two year research project on the role of visualization for knowledge communication in the context of experience sharing. We will particularly focus on the role of graphic restrictiveness as a key variable of visual dialogue templates. We are looking for a talented andContinue reading “Post-Doc Researcher Position in Knowledge Visualization and Intercultural Communication”

Guest Post: Viviana Meschitti on Academic Teamwork

Guest Post by Dr. Viviana Meschitti ___________________________ Academic collaboration is rarely investigated as it develops within real┬áresearch groups.┬áThis study focuses on a team composed by ten people at different steps of the academic career, and it sheds light on the relationships linking hierarchy, leadership, mutual engagement among team members, participation to group activities, socialization ofContinue reading “Guest Post: Viviana Meschitti on Academic Teamwork”

A visualization for Gandhi’s Birthday

For celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday – today October 2nd – I would like to reproduce a visual ‘summary’ of his teaching. Hopefully it will be inspirational! Source: Anthony J. Mento, Patrick Martinelli, Raymond M. Jones, (1999) “Mind mapping in executive education: applications and outcomes“, Journal of Management Development, Vol. 18 Iss: 4, pp.390 – 416.Continue reading “A visualization for Gandhi’s Birthday”

Visualization at IBM Research

The IT giant IBM has a Research center in Zurich, with over 3000 employees working on very exciting topics, from nanotechnology to information analytics. We just had the opportunity to visit the center and listen to a full day of presentations. We also had the opportunity to see technologies demos of augmented reality for retail,Continue reading “Visualization at IBM Research”