Fair trade at the Latin American Day, University of St. Gallen

Today the Latin American Day 2013 took place at the University of St. Gallen, organized by Aiesec, and focused on the topic of Fair Trade. The founder of the company Eco Terra, Dr. Carmina Alvarado De Van Bergerem, and her husband gave a very lively presentation on quinoa, the special grain. The started the companyContinue reading “Fair trade at the Latin American Day, University of St. Gallen”

From cooperation projects to markets

The symposium “Un mondo alla rovescia: quale ruolo per la cooperazione internazionale” took place last Saturday in Lugano, organized by Fosit (Federazione ONG della Svizzera italiana) and USI’s MIC program (Master of Advances Studies in intercultural Communication), among others. During the morning a panel of experts on the topic of International Cooperation had a provocativeContinue reading “From cooperation projects to markets”