Women: mapping inequalities

Professor Valerie Hudson just published a series of maps of “The worst Places to be a Woman” on Foreign Policy. Look at Switzerland! Having worked in Equal Opportunities I’m not surprised to see that this very developed country is still having quite a lot of issues with equal opportunities for women. If you check outContinue reading “Women: mapping inequalities”

Communication and Education in Different Cultures

On May 11th I will be speaking about “Communication and education in other cultures” (Comunicazione e formazione in altre realtà culturali), with a special focus on India, at the conference  “Comunicazione e formazione per il progresso della società contemporanea”, taking place in Gravedona ed Uniti (Como), organized by the journal “Quaderni” (download the conference programContinue reading “Communication and Education in Different Cultures”

Visualizing information increases positive emotions

Our article “Augmenting Communication with Visualization: Effects on Emotional and Cognitive Response” has been published on the IADIS International Journal on WWW/Internet, Vol. 9 (2), pages 109-121, and it is now available online. In this work, co-authored with Margaret Tan and Martin Eppler, we argue that mapping information visually with diagrams and visual metaphors hasContinue reading “Visualizing information increases positive emotions”

Muhammad Yunus in Switzerland, May 2012

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, will be in Lugano and Zurich in May 18th and 19th 2012. The event is organized by Social Business Earth, the first social business in Switzerland funded by Samantha Caccamo. The event will start in Lugano, in the aula magna of the university at 5pm and will continue inContinue reading “Muhammad Yunus in Switzerland, May 2012”

Business Model Ideation @ EURAM

Our research on “Business Model Ideation: An Experimental Approach for the Evaluation of Team-Based Methods” has been accepted to be presented at the EURAM Annual conference in Rotterdam, 6-8 June 2012. Abstract excerpt: We have conducted a comprehensive literature review and develop a model to examine the effectiveness of different methods for the generation ofContinue reading “Business Model Ideation @ EURAM”

Collaboration Cards for Team Productivity

Collaboration Cards is a portable, interactive, and highly useful toolbox for team leaders, facilitators, trainers, and project managers, developed at the University of St. Gallen, =mcm institute. They provide meeting facilitators and participants with ready-to-use cue cards, methods, exercises, inspiring quotes, and key questions to move meetings along productively and share what particpants know, moreContinue reading “Collaboration Cards for Team Productivity”