KV in museums

The new Museo del Novecento in Milan offers a knowledge visualization of its content, color coded by topic. The multiple visualizations and mapping seem a fusion style of architecture and info-graphics. It connects the themes in the abstract circle diagram to the physical map of the museum. Too bad that the words are too smallContinue reading “KV in museums”

Digital pen (and interactive paper)

At the University of Lugano, faculty of Informatics, we just had a nice talk about pen and paper computing, by Nadir Weibel. An ETH gradate, he’s currently a post-doc at UCSD in California, at the Distributed Cognition and Human-Computer Interaction Lab.It seems a great place to be for Human computer Interaction research, experimenting on innovativeContinue reading “Digital pen (and interactive paper)”

KV blogs

It seems that the interest for knowledge visualization is growing in the blogosphere. I came across a couple of interesting blogs on the topic of conceptual visualizations: First discipline, by Joseph Manuel, India: “The FD framework is a collection of visual frames as a tool to provide inputs for discussion and convergence Reality is perceivedContinue reading “KV blogs”