Hans Rosling amazing graphic animations

TED talks are often good examples of the use of graphics and visualization to convey concepts and engage the public. I believe Hans Roseling always gives remarkable and fascinating talks thanks to the passion he puts in the story telling and -of course- to the great graphics! He shows complex historical data with  gapminder, aContinue reading “Hans Rosling amazing graphic animations”

ITC and student-centric education with knowledge visualization

Yesterday Yingqin Zhong, a PhD candidate at the National University of Singapore, gave a very fascinating talk (IS seminars, School of Computing) on the use of ICT for student-centric education. She provided both a theoretical framework and real life examples of how technology can support better learning. Among the several tools and techniques, including wikisContinue reading “ITC and student-centric education with knowledge visualization”

Cross-cultural differences in the reception of conceptual visualization

These days I am conducting an experiment in Singapore to test if there are cross-cultural differences in the reception of various kinds of business visualizations, between Europe and Asia. Despite the general belief that visualization is an international language, recent research (see The Geography of Thought by Nisbett) has demonstrated that there are relevant differencesContinue reading “Cross-cultural differences in the reception of conceptual visualization”