Knowledge visualization marketing

An example of knowledge visualization on the move 🙂 from Oxford, UK. The period table is probably the most amazing example of knowledge visualization: it enables insights (indeed, to understand that some elements were not yet discovered!), offers overview-zoom, and details on demand (if you have an interactive version) as in Schneiderman’s mantra, it’s colorContinue reading “Knowledge visualization marketing”

Cultural differences in the perception and representation of space

Professor Holenstein just gave an interesting seminar at USI on the cultural differences in the representation of space. He is one of the world major expert on the topic. He is the author of the Atlas of Philosophy (2004). I found interesting to hear his philosophical perspective on a topic I am particularly interested in,Continue reading “Cultural differences in the perception and representation of space”

Social Media Marketing Knowledge maps

I have posted earlier on the increasing use of visualization from the social media community. Now it is not only about information visualization; there are also beautiful infographics and useful knowledge maps. See this collection of Web 2.0 knowledge maps for an overview: From mindmaps and matrices, to visual metaphors and process diagrams.  (Thanks AlexContinue reading “Social Media Marketing Knowledge maps”