Using Facebook for presenting facebook organizational culture

Today I witnessed an innovative presentation modality: a facebook page instead of the usual PPT. Although unusual, the medium fits very well the topic of the presentation, which is about the corporate culture at Facebook. My students of the Organizational Behaviour course uploaded their presentation on this facebook page and made us experience how itContinue reading “Using Facebook for presenting facebook organizational culture”

Symposium on Africa: help, cooperate or invest?

Last Saturday November 16th 2013, the Symposium “Africa: help, coopertate or invest?” took place in Lugano, organized by Fosit and MIC. It started off with an introduction to the topic by Prof. Veglio, president of FOSIT and professor at the university of St. Gallen, followed by a roundtable discussion. The guest speakers were Blandine SankaraContinue reading “Symposium on Africa: help, cooperate or invest?”

Visualizing for personal development: the career sweet spot

“It isn’t normal to know what we want.┬áIt is a rare and difficult psychological achievement” Abraham Maslow (In Business model you pg. 125) Coaching, mentoring and personal development programs are usually based on dialogue. Talking is certainly useful, but we visualizing, drawing and sketching can provide additionl help for understanding yourself and your potential. StartingContinue reading “Visualizing for personal development: the career sweet spot”