Symposium on Africa: help, cooperate or invest?

Last Saturday November 16th 2013, the Symposium “Africa: help, coopertate or invest?” took place in Lugano, organized by Fosit and MIC. It started off with an introduction to the topic by Prof. Veglio, president of FOSIT and professor at the university of St. Gallen, followed by a roundtable discussion. The guest speakers were Blandine SankaraContinue reading “Symposium on Africa: help, cooperate or invest?”

Representations of knowledge in Africa

Professor Heike Winschiers has presented her interesting work at the Universit√† della Svizzera italiana. Of German origin, she lives in Namibia since 20 years and conducts research on Human Computer Interaction in Africa. Why is HCI different in Namibia compared to Europe or the U.S.? Because our thinking patter is different, as already proposed inContinue reading “Representations of knowledge in Africa”