Osmania University

My Indian trip ended with a stay at Osmania university, a very lange university in Hyderabad. In the photo you can see the beautifula nd immense building of the Arts college. The campus is so large that a major road, connecting two parts of the city, is crossing the campus. A very big thank youContinue reading “Osmania University”

Teaching on the importance of education at St. John’s School, Vizag

The importance of education is a relevant topic, especially for the joungest. I’ve been lecturing on the topic at St. John’s school, near Vizag (India) and had a great time interacting with the students. Together we have seen examples of Indian thought leaders and famouse personalities, and have drawn a personal map to success. IContinue reading “Teaching on the importance of education at St. John’s School, Vizag”

Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad

During my last trip to India I visited the famous ISB (India School of Business) in Hyderabad. The buildings are really iconic and modern: the campus is beautiful and athmosphere is pretty American with an Indian flavor. The environment is as fascinating as the story of this world reputed business school, which you can readContinue reading “Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad”