Presentations 2.0

Power-point used to be the gold standard for presentations. Not anymore. Improving the visual appearance of slides, reducing the amount of text and increasing the number of pictures is not enough. Recent development in mapping software now allow anyone to create presentations that are actually maps and not a sequence of slides. Advantages are obviousContinue reading “Presentations 2.0”

7 Classic Foundational Vis Papers

In the post “7 Classic Foundational Vis Papers You Might not Want to Publicly Confess you Don’t Know” the blog author, Enrico Bertini, provides a list of foundation papers of information visualization, with a summary and comments for each paper. In his words it’s a ” collection of classics”: very useful and with a personalContinue reading “7 Classic Foundational Vis Papers”

Visualizing insight: Reactive Business Intelligence book

An interesting description of visualization for business intelligence is provided in a forthcoming book by Roberto Battiti and Mauro Brunato. You can see online the pre-print version of the book “Reactive Business Intelligence. From Data to Models to Insight” , published by the Università di Trento (Italy) in December 2010. The first chapters give aContinue reading “Visualizing insight: Reactive Business Intelligence book”

Geovisualization for predicting avalanche risk

The Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, located in Davos, makes a consistent use of geographic visualization to predict avalanche risk in Switzerland. Unlike weather forecast, they look at the past to make predictions. Very interesting serial mode to visualize information: Thanks to Nicole and her husband for the insights!