“Communication Blended Courses” SGKM-SACM presentation

April 3, 2019



Le immagini per la comunicazione interculturale

December 10, 2018

Per il progetto #ON THE SIDE ho preparato una lezione su come utilizzare le immagini per comunicare con persone di diverse culture.

A questo link potrete trovare le presentazione interattiva (Prezi)

le immagini per la comunicazione interculturale

Video-presentation “Education and Culture Affect Visualization’s Effectiveness for Health Communication”

July 9, 2018


Click on the image to view the video.

Reference: Bresciani, S., Arora, P. & Kernbach, S. (2018). Education and Culture Affect Visualization’s Effectiveness for Health Communication. 22 International Conference Information Visualisation (IV18), 10 – 13 July 2018, Salerno, Italy.

R&D Conference presentation: Key Dimensions of Visual Design Thinking

June 29, 2018

rnd conference bresciani key dimensions of visual design thinking

Bresciani, S. & Eppler M.J. (2018) Key Dimensions of Visual Design Thinking: An Application to the Social Innovation Context. R&D Management conference, Milan, July 2-4 2018.

The Prezi presentation is available here

Digital Knowledge Mapping Tools

May 9, 2018

In our chapter “Digital Knowledge Mapping“, we propose that visual mapping is a very effective way of sharing, integrating and creating knowledge and value for collaborative work in organizations. We present online visual collaboration tools that enable digital change in organizations and present the theoretical bases which explains the benefits of visualization for facilitating digital collaboration. We provide illustrative examples and further propose a classification of ten visual tools to show organizations what these tools are useful for, and which criteria are relevant to assess and select visual collaborative tools. We conclude with key learnings and a checklist for the integration of visual collaboration tools in organizations.

Kernbach S., Bresciani S. (2018) Digital Knowledge Mapping. In: North K., Maier R., Haas O. (eds) Knowledge Management in Digital Change. Progress in IS. Springer, Cham

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May 3, 2018

Per il mio nuovo incarico di esperta di materia alla Scuola cantonale di Commercio di Bellinzona, ho preparato una breve presentazione del mio percorso professionale (con Prezi)sabrina bresciani

Pie not?

April 27, 2018

I always wondered why people like piecharts so much, although they are a very inefficient way to visualize information…  I just found the answer in the article “The pie chart: Why data visualization’s greatest villain will never die” on Quarz.

According to the article by Dan Kopf, “people are more attracted to objects with curves. This may be because evolution led people to associate sharp angles with danger, while curves are a sign of health and life.”


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