A Design Thinking Approach for Designing Careers

November 16, 2020

We are very glad that the results of our ongoing research on Life Design have been accepted for presentation at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2020

Departing from traditional one-on-one coaching sessions, we investigate the effectiveness of a collaborative life design method based on Design thinking and conducted in large groups. Through a quasi-experiment we find that participants who attended the life design workshop significantly increased their Positive Psychological Capital (specifically self-efficacy, resilience and hope), their self-esteem and the presence of meaning in life. The qualitative data analysis revealed that the intervention allowed students to broaden their sight on life, discover authenticity by reframing their measures of success.

Watch the video fro more details, and feel free to get in contact if you are interested!

Reference: Bresciani, S. & Kernbach, S. (2020). A Design Thinking Approach for Designing Careers: Finding Authenticity and Increasing Self-Efficacy. Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM), 7-10 August 2020.

Visual representations @ Academy of Management meeting

August 14, 2010

The Academy of Management annual meeting just took place in Montreal (August 6-10, 2010) with 8000 participants from 80 countries. This huge and prestigious event has pulled together scholars from all facets of management, from entrepreneurship to social innovation, to managerial education with new media and hardcore management theory. Despite 1801 sessions were organized, only a handful of them were dedicated to visual representations, with different names:

The power of representations

– Our paper at the Knowledge sharing and online communities paper session

– A paper on Coherence and Visual Representation as Knowledge Creating Devices in Strategy in the paper session Shooting for the moon: The role of cognitive schema and mental maps

Teaching Design Thinking symposium in management education

– A paper on Cognitive Maps as Visual Artifacts for sensemaking and sensegiving in IS implementation

Somewhat relevant to visual representations I found as well:
– symposium on documentary films on organizational behaviors: What’s Wrong with This Picture? Critical Documentary Film as a Catalyst for Change
– Learning on second Life at the workshop on Sustainable Business Practices: Experiential Learning in Virtual Environments

In the picture an image from the conference presentation on Coherence and Visual Representation as Knowledge Creating Devices in Strategy by Tally Fruchtman Rossiter, who has an interesting blog on visualization

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