Extending TAM to Information Visualization: A Framework for Evaluation

Our research on Extending TAM to Information Visualization: A Framework for Evaluation is forthcoming in the Electronic Journal of Information System Evaluation. Abstract: Studies on the evaluation of information visualization techniques are flourishing, and related methodologies have been discussed in a growing number of recent studies. Yet, these evaluations concentrate mostly on usability measures andContinue reading “Extending TAM to Information Visualization: A Framework for Evaluation”

Global Managerial Communication ISP course

We are ready to start the Global Managerial Communication course at the ISP MBA! Here you can find the course material, and here is the course presentation: In the course we will have several interactive activities and two guest lectures: Ms. Ashwanden on February 24th and Prof. Dr. Anick Tonti on March 10th. Prof. TontiContinue reading “Global Managerial Communication ISP course”

Knowledge Scaffolding Visualizations: a Guiding Framework

Our article “Knowledge Scaffolding Visualizations: a Guiding Framework” is forthcoming in Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal. Abstract: In this paper we provide a guiding framework for understanding and selecting visual representations in the knowledge management (KM) practice. We build on an interdisciplinary analogy between two connotations of the notion of “scaffolding”: physical scaffoldingContinue reading “Knowledge Scaffolding Visualizations: a Guiding Framework”

Branding Approaches of Start-Up Companies

My book on “Branding Approaches of Start-Up Companies: An Exploratory Analysis of Current Practices in Switzerland” is now available on Amazon. Book content: This book presents the approach to branding activities of the biggest start-up companies of Switzerland. The goal is to analyze the practices and the level of reception of branding concepts by newlyContinue reading “Branding Approaches of Start-Up Companies”