FORTH Innovation method

June 29, 2011

In the words of its founder, Gijs van Wulfen, “FORTH is a customer oriented inspiring innovation method to create mini new business cases for innovative products, services and business models.”

The homepage features an interactive visual map of the method, that guides you through the 5 steps of the acronym: “Full steam ahead, Observe and Learn, Raise ideas, Test ideas and Homecoming”.

Thanks Friederike for the hint!

Europe knowledge map

June 23, 2011

A mosaic of Europe is decorating Sofia’s airport wall. A nice goodbye to Bulgaria, dreaming and planning future trips.

It’s not just a geographical map, it gives insights on the most relevant buildings and natural wonders you should visit! A (travel) knowledge visualization in stones, at the very right place.

Visual Theories

June 13, 2011

The visualization of concepts and ideas is a powerful tool for improving communication. However there are not many theories that help to explain and predict this “power of visualization”.

We just had a workshop in Lugano to discuss the topic, and we had indeed visual presentations!

Cognitive Load Theory by Sebastian Kernbach

Integrated (Presentation) Communication

June 13, 2011

Recently I attended the International Exploratory Workshop “Social Robots and Emotion: transcending the boundary between humans and ICTs”, which took place at Franklin College Switzerland. It was very stimulating and motivating, and I very much enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and intellectual talks. Special thanks to Satomi for the organization and to professor Katz for the suggestions!

From a visual point of view I was very much impressed by the presentation by Professor Amparo Lazén Dìaz (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). I guess this could be called “Integrated Presentation Communication”, adapted from Integrated Marketing Communication! Wonderful and surprising matching of on-line and off-line communication 🙂

The Impact of Visual Mapping on Emotion and Cognition

June 2, 2011

The International Exploratory Workshop “Social Robots and Emotion: transcending the boundary between humans and ICTs” will take place at Franklin College Switzerland on June 3-4th 2011.

I will be presenting some new findings on “The Impact of Visual Mapping on Emotion and Cognition”. See the presentation.

Carolyn Dexter Award Nominee

June 1, 2011

Our paper “Communicating Strategy Across Cultures with Visualization: An Experimental Evaluation ” has been nominated for the Academy of Management’s Carolyn Dexter Award for best international paper!

The presentation will take place at the Academy of Management meeting on Tuesday August 16th 3:00PM at La Quinta Inn


In this study we investigate the effects of conceptual visualization for the context of strategy communication. We predict that a visual representation of the strategic goals of an organization, compared to a textual representation, strengthens the intention to implement the strategy, mediated by attitude. Further, we combine theories on attitude-intention and the concept of the geography of thought, predicting an interaction of conceptual visualization form and culture on attitude, and consequently on intention. We test the model through an experiment with experienced professionals and find support for the predicted hypotheses of mediated moderation.

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