The rise of collaboration

“Yochai Benkler dubs it ‘the wealth of networks.” Howard Rheingold’s term is “smart mobs.” It’s the idea of technology-enabled collaboration … and it’s making us all smarter.” This is how TED Talks introduce their new theme “The rise of collaboration“, a great compilation of videos on the topic of collaboration and why it makes theContinue reading “The rise of collaboration”

Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds are serious business. Their use in companies is still rather limited but very promising. They are used to host shareholder meeting (like ArcelorMittal), sell virtual goods and share knowledge. This last aspect is thus far greatly neglected but visualizing information and knowledge in group has the potential to make the collaboration more focused,Continue reading “Virtual Worlds”

Visual communication across cultures

As the (business) world becomes more and more flat (Friedman, 2006, p. 376), visual communication can be particularly helpful for getting a message across various cultures, thanks to its ability to convey a message with symbols and pictograms that can be – often – universally understood. However, the impact of cultural differences on visualization interpretationContinue reading “Visual communication across cultures”

Knowledge visualization with a Group Support System

This image is the result of using visualization to share knowledge in class. I’ve used lets-focus, a business mapping software, over a network. Master students were working in groups; each group had a laptop with the (empty) template above – called perspective diagram. They were asked to brainstorm on the topic of Visualization for Presentations:Continue reading “Knowledge visualization with a Group Support System”