Visual communication across cultures

As the (business) world becomes more and more flat (Friedman, 2006, p. 376), visual communication can be particularly helpful for getting a message across various cultures, thanks to its ability to convey a message with
symbols and pictograms that can be – often – universally understood. However, the impact of cultural differences on visualization interpretation is frequently overlooked.

In this presentation I draw an overview of our forthcoming book chapter on the topic of Cross-cultural differences in the reception of visualization. It’s based on a thematic analysis of literature from various fields (Psychology, intercultural studies, business, visual communication) and my experience in Asia during the recent research stay in Singapore (NUS).

I’m currently still working on the topic: your feedback is welcome! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Visual communication across cultures

  1. Hi, this sound really interesting, how is it possible to see the full presentation? Prezi link doesn’t work!

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