The last lecture of Professor Poglia: the world in 6 dimensions

Last Thursday Professor Edo Poglia of the University of Lugano gave his Lezione di Commiato, which in English is usually called – with a more engaging title-  The Last Lecture. In one hour he had the challenging talk of talking us through his life in research, having now reached the retiring age of 70. TheContinue reading “The last lecture of Professor Poglia: the world in 6 dimensions”

Teaching on the importance of education at St. John’s School, Vizag

The importance of education is a relevant topic, especially for the joungest. I’ve been lecturing on the topic at St. John’s school, near Vizag (India) and had a great time interacting with the students. Together we have seen examples of Indian thought leaders and famouse personalities, and have drawn a personal map to success. IContinue reading “Teaching on the importance of education at St. John’s School, Vizag”

Khan Academy – educational videos for free

The Khan academy is an incredible success story of education through new media. E-learining has promised to be the solution to a more personalized and affordable education. Yet, computers alone are not the answer. Salman Khan had this idea back in 2004, creating educational videos for his cousins, and uploading them on youtube. Now theContinue reading “Khan Academy – educational videos for free”

Comunicazione e formazione in altre realtà culturali

Al convegno “Comunicazione e formazione per il progresso della società contemporanea”, che si terrà l’11 maggio 2012 a Gravedona ed Uniti (Como), organizzato da “Quaderni” (programma del convegno), presenterò alcune riflessioni sul tema”Comunicazione e formazione in altre realtà culturali”. Presentazione

Women: mapping inequalities

Professor Valerie Hudson just published a series of maps of “The worst Places to be a Woman” on Foreign Policy. Look at Switzerland! Having worked in Equal Opportunities I’m not surprised to see that this very developed country is still having quite a lot of issues with equal opportunities for women. If you check outContinue reading “Women: mapping inequalities”

Communication and Education in Different Cultures

On May 11th I will be speaking about “Communication and education in other cultures” (Comunicazione e formazione in altre realtà culturali), with a special focus on India, at the conference  “Comunicazione e formazione per il progresso della società contemporanea”, taking place in Gravedona ed Uniti (Como), organized by the journal “Quaderni” (download the conference programContinue reading “Communication and Education in Different Cultures”

Live from ICT Society and Human Beings

IADIS international conference ICT, Society and Human Beings 2011 stated Sunday July 24th with a beautiful opening session by the conference co-chairs Diane Whitehouse and Professor Emerita Gunilla Bradley, of the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. I noticed with pleasure that Prof. Bradley’s presentation made use of visuals and visual metaphors, like the sunflowerContinue reading “Live from ICT Society and Human Beings”

Multiple mice

Knowledge visualization gets more interactive when the group participants can share the same screen and nevertheless have their own mouse, as in the picture. A few software are now allowing this type of interactive collaboration, called multiple mice or single-screen groupware. Wunderworks offers a free download of their software that lets you connect 3 mice,Continue reading “Multiple mice”

Visual communication across cultures

As the (business) world becomes more and more flat (Friedman, 2006, p. 376), visual communication can be particularly helpful for getting a message across various cultures, thanks to its ability to convey a message with symbols and pictograms that can be – often – universally understood. However, the impact of cultural differences on visualization interpretationContinue reading “Visual communication across cultures”

Knowledge visualization with a Group Support System

This image is the result of using visualization to share knowledge in class. I’ve used lets-focus, a business mapping software, over a network. Master students were working in groups; each group had a laptop with the (empty) template above – called perspective diagram. They were asked to brainstorm on the topic of Visualization for Presentations:Continue reading “Knowledge visualization with a Group Support System”