Yunus and Social Business in Zurich

June 1, 2012

Last June 19th the Social Business Workshop was held at the Hüb Zurich, with the presence of Prof. Yunus, nobel laureate and father of the social business concept. He is the author of “Social Business”, “Banker of the poor” and “A world without povery” and a serial social entreprenur. Samantha, organizer of the conference, gave an introduction to the concept of social business: it was explained that also a non-profit organization which is completely self-sustainable is considered a social business.

I was very fortunate to have the honour to speak with prof. Yunus about my social venture Kolours and he has been very encouraging! Thank you professor Yunus!

Prof. Yunus at Lugano’s Social Business Conference

June 1, 2012

Professor Muhammad Yunus, winner of the nobel prize for peace 2006 and founder of the Grameen Bank, gave a very inspiring speech at the Social Business Conference in Lugano. The conference was held at the Università della Svizzera italiana last June 18th, organized by Social Business Earth. The speech and the following panel has been a great success, with a large media presence and crowded public.
Prof. Yunus provided vivid examples of social business through his extensive and amazing experience as serial social entreprenur. His words were always full of hoper and very encouraging for facing the current economic crisis. Yunus called the public to action, to stat a social business today, in Switzerland, to give job to 5 unemployed people: that would be a social business because it would solve a social problem. The climax of the speech was reached when Prof. Yunus explained his new philosophy for businesses: instead of being concerned with factories and businesses aimed at making money, we should have happines factories. And this is not rethoric: if we focus on solving problems, instead of making money, as entreprenurs we will make people happy. And this is far more fulfilling than cash: I have tried and I know it’s true and addictive. There is no biggest happiness than seeing your actions making other people happy, healthy and safe.
Through his work as founder of the grameen bank and numerous other social businesses, Yunus has demonstrated that it is possible to have a self-sustainable business with a social aim, and this organizational form is much better than a charity because the money invested can be used multiple times and make a bigger impact, while with charities money are used only once.
After depicting very inspirational examples of social business, he called us to action: “be a job giver, not a job seeker”

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