May 16, 2011

Wednesday May 18th will take place USI’s EpiDay (Epi for EpistemologicalDay, but also HappyDay, if you wish).

I’ll be presenting my latest study, a cross-cultural experiment about the reception of knowledge visualization to communicate strategy in Europe, East Asia and South Asia (=India).
Here you can view my presentation and abstract. Feedback and comments are welcome.

IV conference

May 16, 2011

We are on the cover of the International Conference of Information Visualization 2011! My picture is right in the middle of the program booklet 🙂

The presentation of our paper “The Effectiveness of Knowledge Visualization for Organizational Communication in Europe and India” will take place Thursday 14th at 15:30 at the SOAS – The Brunei Gallery, London.

Visual instruction for managing your hotel room

May 11, 2011

Kartause Ittingen is an historical village of Switzerland, lost in the woods north-east of Zurich, where you can have truly peaceful corporate meetings. In fact the village has been beautifully renovated to host a conference center, surrounded by beautiful gardens, horses, sheep and museums, including a remarkable church.

Where is the academic part? Well, you enter your hotel room and you start to think you need a degree in engineering for operating it. There is a wooden cube in the middle of the room, with dozen of doors which are impossible to find. I think this “design piece” was created on purpose as a humility exercise. To make us remember that, although we are more or less academics, we are not that smart. Indeed I needed to read the instructions to find all the hidden functionalities of this post-moder piece of furniture.

Social Media Explained Visually

May 9, 2011

What is social media? A visual explanation!

Via Alex Mari

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