The best of ICA conference 2013 in London

The ICA conference 2013 took place in London last week, with an unprecedented amount of participants. Those you managed to find the right room in the maze of the Hilton metropole hotel, have been rewarded with great presentations. I appreciated the ‘high density’ poster format, which allowed to have an insights on the research onContinue reading “The best of ICA conference 2013 in London”

Metaphors of culture: Kazakhstan

How can we describe the culture of a country? The traditional approach is to use dimensions, and in particular Hofstede dimensions. Yet there are several problems with this approach. For instance, how can we describe the culture of Kazakhstan,¬† a country with 17 million inhabitants and a territory of 2,727,300 square kilometres (larger than WesternContinue reading “Metaphors of culture: Kazakhstan”


Wednesday May 18th will take place USI’s EpiDay (Epi for EpistemologicalDay, but also HappyDay, if you wish). I’ll be presenting my latest study, a cross-cultural experiment about the reception of knowledge visualization to communicate strategy in Europe, East Asia and South Asia (=India). Here you can view my presentation¬†and abstract. Feedback and comments are welcome.