Visual Metaphors in Intercultural Context

Today I’ll be giving a guest lecture on “Visualization & Visual Metaphors in Intercultural Context” in the Management Atlas master course at the University of St. Gallen. Here you can find the presentation: Presentation link: The references for this lecture are: Bresciani S., Eppler M. (2010). Glocalizing visual communication in organizations, In: Bertagni, B.,Continue reading “Visual Metaphors in Intercultural Context”

Metaphors of culture: Kazakhstan

How can we describe the culture of a country? The traditional approach is to use dimensions, and in particular Hofstede dimensions. Yet there are several problems with this approach. For instance, how can we describe the culture of Kazakhstan,  a country with 17 million inhabitants and a territory of 2,727,300 square kilometres (larger than WesternContinue reading “Metaphors of culture: Kazakhstan”

Economist’s map of the Internet: the realms of GAFA

A recent article on the Economist (1 Dec 2012) portrayed a map of the Internet, with the 4 big players: Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – abbreviated in GAFA.The articles itself is based ont he metaphor and continuously refers to the visual metaphor. The Economist is going visual 🙂 Thank you Martin for the hint

Windows 8 on Eee tablet pc

Windows 8 will be released tomorrow, and I got the chance to have a preview, testing it on a tablet Eee PC. The metro interface is really a surprise and a remarkable difference from the traditional Windows interface. It resembles the graphic and interaction of a tablet or smart phone, but I assume that mostContinue reading “Windows 8 on Eee tablet pc”

Visual Literacy for Management

The presentation of the course Visual Literacy for Management, which I teach at the University of St. Gallen, is now online in a completely new format: a prezi presentation with a temple metaphor. It is also potrayed as ‘Visualization of the month’ on Note: you need a good internet connection to be able toContinue reading “Visual Literacy for Management”