Academy of Management 2011

“The 2011 Annual Meeting program has over 1600 total activities involving more than 8000 people from 78 countries. ” (Souce: Aom meeting website)Program: The biggest and most prestigiuos management conference in the world is taking place in San Antonio Texas. As an organizational communication researcher, I was more than happy to see the Distinguished Service Award given to LindaContinue reading “Academy of Management 2011”

Digital Inequality

The IMCA FORETHOUGHT seminars go digital! Which better topic could we have to start the video series of the seminars than “Digital Inequality”? It was my pleasure to host Professor Margaret Tan of Nanyan Technological University, Singapore, to give a talk at USI on “Building Digital Capital, Addressing Digital Inequality: A Perspective of Singapore’s ICT Policy”.Continue reading “Digital Inequality”