Infosthetics summary of VisWeek 2009

In the famous infosthetic website you can find a summary of the major and most interesting happenings and talks at the VisWeek conference. It’s very well done and provides several useful links: I was very glad to see that my talk has been mentioned there (toward the end); despite being probably unusual for theContinue reading “Infosthetics summary of VisWeek 2009”

InfoVis conference 2009 in Atlantic City

This year I had the pleasure to be accepted as a presenter at the InfoVis conference, part of the VisWeek, a IEEE conference, held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I was pleased to take part to a conference with high quality papers and impeccable organization. The panels and workshops were also very good! There wasContinue reading “InfoVis conference 2009 in Atlantic City”

University of St. Gallen

This week I visited the prestigious University of St. Gallen, in north-est Switzerland. I’ve been invited for a guest lecture about knowledge visualization, in Prof. Eppler’s course of Business visualization. No, I didn’t post the wrong picture… I took it from the class where I was teaching! The cows had pretty noisy bells that weContinue reading “University of St. Gallen”

Motivation – InfoVis conference

Last week I was at the InfoVis conference and attended a workshop on Putting Visualization on the Web, which gave me the final motivation to start my research-related blog (after having a private one for some years)… and here I am, getting started! I’ve been thinking about it for some time, but I was inContinue reading “Motivation – InfoVis conference”