Visual Guide to Startups, Founders and Venture Capitalists

On the website you can find an innovative information visualization about startups, founders and venture capitalists. As the developers state: “Startups are positioned within the main interface on a horizontal interactive timeline, based on the year they were founded. Details about each company are provided below the timeline.” Check it out at:

Economic complexity visualized in a treemap

The observatory of Economic complexity is a website created by MIT Media lab to display visually the economic complexity of countries. You can compare infovis of exports of different countries to grasp the differences: my favourite is the treemap, a powerful information visualization technique invented by Ben Schneiderman and refined by his collaborators through theContinue reading “Economic complexity visualized in a treemap”

IV conference

We are on the cover of the International Conference of Information Visualization 2011! My picture is right in the middle of the program booklet 🙂 The presentation of our paper “The Effectiveness of Knowledge Visualization for Organizational Communication in Europe and India” will take place Thursday 14th at 15:30 at the SOAS – The BruneiContinue reading “IV conference”

7 Classic Foundational Vis Papers

In the post “7 Classic Foundational Vis Papers You Might not Want to Publicly Confess you Don’t Know” the blog author, Enrico Bertini, provides a list of foundation papers of information visualization, with a summary and comments for each paper. In his words it’s a ” collection of classics”: very useful and with a personalContinue reading “7 Classic Foundational Vis Papers”

Visualizing insight: Reactive Business Intelligence book

An interesting description of visualization for business intelligence is provided in a forthcoming book by Roberto Battiti and Mauro Brunato. You can see online the pre-print version of the book “Reactive Business Intelligence. From Data to Models to Insight” , published by the UniversitĂ  di Trento (Italy) in December 2010. The first chapters give aContinue reading “Visualizing insight: Reactive Business Intelligence book”

Data Visualization tools

A recent post on O’Reily media RIA’s blog portraits  a useful collection of 28 data visualization software. It seems that different industries are employing diverse tools for the same goal of visualizing rich data, from very fancy like anychart and axiis, to powerful applications supporting millions of data-points like chronoscope.

Information visualization on BBC

The BBC magazine recently featured an article about how information visualization is becoming a serious business to overcome information overload and help readers understand information more easily. The article shows beautiful infovis examples by David McCandless, author of the book “Information is Beautiful” which will be published in February by Collins in UK.

InfoVis conference 2009 in Atlantic City

This year I had the pleasure to be accepted as a presenter at the InfoVis conference, part of the VisWeek, a IEEE conference, held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I was pleased to take part to a conference with high quality papers and impeccable organization. The panels and workshops were also very good! There wasContinue reading “InfoVis conference 2009 in Atlantic City”