Our cross-cultural research is forthcoming in the journal Frontiers of Business Research in China

We are very glad that our cross-cultural research will be published in the journal “Frontiers of Business Research in China” (Vol. 8, issue 4). The article I wrote with Prof. Ge and N. Yaru, of the Central University of Finance and Economics, is titled “Improving Attitude toward Corporate Strategy with Visual Mapping: Scale Development andContinue reading “Our cross-cultural research is forthcoming in the journal Frontiers of Business Research in China”


Wednesday May 18th will take place USI’s EpiDay (Epi for EpistemologicalDay, but also HappyDay, if you wish). I’ll be presenting my latest study, a cross-cultural experiment about the reception of knowledge visualization to communicate strategy in Europe, East Asia and South Asia (=India). Here you can view my presentation and abstract. Feedback and comments are welcome.

IV conference

We are on the cover of the International Conference of Information Visualization 2011! My picture is right in the middle of the program booklet 🙂 The presentation of our paper “The Effectiveness of Knowledge Visualization for Organizational Communication in Europe and India” will take place Thursday 14th at 15:30 at the SOAS – The BruneiContinue reading “IV conference”

KV blogs

It seems that the interest for knowledge visualization is growing in the blogosphere. I came across a couple of interesting blogs on the topic of conceptual visualizations: First discipline, by Joseph Manuel, India: “The FD framework is a collection of visual frames as a tool to provide inputs for discussion and convergence Reality is perceivedContinue reading “KV blogs”

Mapping Change, Changing Mappings: SMS extension in Venice

The Strategic Management Society is organizing a one day Workshop on “Mapping Change, Changing Mappings: Conceptual Shifts in Strategy“, in Venice September 10th 2010. In the morning it “will be addressing the most fundamental theoretical perspective on conceptual change in strategy and their dynamics”. The afternoon will focus”on how representations and “tools” based on representationsContinue reading “Mapping Change, Changing Mappings: SMS extension in Venice”