Integrated (Presentation) Communication

June 13, 2011

Recently I attended the International Exploratory Workshop “Social Robots and Emotion: transcending the boundary between humans and ICTs”, which took place at Franklin College Switzerland. It was very stimulating and motivating, and I very much enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and intellectual talks. Special thanks to Satomi for the organization and to professor Katz for the suggestions!

From a visual point of view I was very much impressed by the presentation by Professor Amparo Lazén Dìaz (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). I guess this could be called “Integrated Presentation Communication”, adapted from Integrated Marketing Communication! Wonderful and surprising matching of on-line and off-line communication 🙂

Mapping Change, Changing Mappings: SMS extension in Venice

August 18, 2010

The Strategic Management Society is organizing a one day Workshop on “Mapping Change, Changing Mappings: Conceptual Shifts in Strategy“, in Venice September 10th 2010.

In the morning it “will be addressing the most fundamental theoretical perspective on conceptual change in strategy and their dynamics”. The afternoon will focus”on how representations and “tools” based on representations (e.g. of a visual, or a narrative kind…) are integrated in managerial practice and how they can be used to promote shifts in a strategy concept.”

This academic panel from prestigious universities of Europe and U.S. is using novel and intriguing concepts and wordings, such as “concept morphing by metaphors”, “analogies and blends in strategy” and “grammar of conceptual shifts in strategy”.
Sounds very promising! I hope they’ll have some documentation online.

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