Live from ICT Society and Human Beings

IADIS international conference ICT, Society and Human Beings 2011 stated Sunday July 24th with a beautiful opening session by the conference co-chairs Diane Whitehouse and Professor Emerita Gunilla Bradley, of the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. I noticed with pleasure that Prof. Bradley’s presentation made use of visuals and visual metaphors, like the sunflowerContinue reading “Live from ICT Society and Human Beings”

IADIS – ICT, Society, and Human Beings 2011

I just arrived at the IADIS Multi ConferenceĀ on Computer Science and Information Systems 2011, taking place in Rome. Tomorrow morning I’ll be presenting my paper “Augmenting Communication with Visualization: Effects on Emotional and Cognitive Response” at 11:00. If you’re interested, here’s the prezi presentation.

Corporate communication, strategic communication and communication management

The most important disciplines in communication management in 2014 will be: 1) Corporate Communication (Institutional/ Organizational) 2) Internal Communication and change management 3) Marketing/Branding 4) CSR and sustainability 5) Crisis communication These are the results of a survey conducted in 43 countries on Strategic communication in Europe, the European Communication Monitor 2011. The same studyContinue reading “Corporate communication, strategic communication and communication management”

Visual Representation Overview

A beautiful and useful overview on visual representation is given by Alan Blakwell, with whom I had the pleasure to work at the University of Cambridge in 2007. You can read it online at the interaction design website, or find it in the Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction 2011. The article illustrates “the most important principlesContinue reading “Visual Representation Overview”

The Anti PowerPoint Party

PowerPoint is a standard for corporate meetings and educational presentations. Yet many people feel constrained by the medium. So constrained that now there is an ” anti PowerPoint party “, a movement against the use of presentation software. I don’t think it’s all PowerPoint’s fault, tough. The problem are the people who don’t use itContinue reading “The Anti PowerPoint Party”