ICIG symposium – IE Segovia

The 14th ICIG Symposium took place on September 14th to 16th organized by John Balmer and Laura Illia. It was an honor to be invited to this prestigious event, and a pleasure to meet and listen to very well-known researchers of corporate identity field. I presented my work on the changing visual identity of start-up companies. Thank you Laura forContinue reading “ICIG symposium – IE Segovia”

Corporate communication, strategic communication and communication management

The most important disciplines in communication management in 2014 will be: 1) Corporate Communication (Institutional/ Organizational) 2) Internal Communication and change management 3) Marketing/Branding 4) CSR and sustainability 5) Crisis communication These are the results of a survey conducted in 43 countries on Strategic communication in Europe, the European Communication Monitor 2011. The same studyContinue reading “Corporate communication, strategic communication and communication management”