COVID19: death mortality rate is much higher in Italy compared to China

March 20, 2020

Italy has the same number of deaths as China but with less than half of the total number of (identified) cases: is the mortality higher in Italy, or are less tests conducted and thus fewer COVID19 positive people identified?

covid as of 19 march

Virtual group projects: free tools for visually facilitating meetings and projects

March 18, 2020

Visual facilitation for health-related interpersonal communication

November 8, 2019

At the European Conference on Health Communication (ECHC 2019) which will take place in Zurich on November 13-15th 2019, I will be presenting an exploratory study on the use of visual templates for supporting discussions in self-help mutual aid groups of parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The template is freely available with Creative Commons license. The observations and results of the study are discussed in the online Prezi presentation.



“Communication Blended Courses” SGKM-SACM presentation

April 3, 2019


Le immagini per la comunicazione interculturale

December 10, 2018

Per il progetto #ON THE SIDE ho preparato una lezione su come utilizzare le immagini per comunicare con persone di diverse culture.

A questo link potrete trovare le presentazione interattiva (Prezi)

le immagini per la comunicazione interculturale

Video-presentation “Education and Culture Affect Visualization’s Effectiveness for Health Communication”

July 9, 2018


Click on the image to view the video.

Reference: Bresciani, S., Arora, P. & Kernbach, S. (2018). Education and Culture Affect Visualization’s Effectiveness for Health Communication. 22 International Conference Information Visualisation (IV18), 10 – 13 July 2018, Salerno, Italy.

R&D Conference presentation: Key Dimensions of Visual Design Thinking

June 29, 2018

rnd conference bresciani key dimensions of visual design thinking

Bresciani, S. & Eppler M.J. (2018) Key Dimensions of Visual Design Thinking: An Application to the Social Innovation Context. R&D Management conference, Milan, July 2-4 2018.

The Prezi presentation is available here

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