Eurocampus in Castellon

November 21, 2011

Eurocampus is an intensive and international study period on intercultural communication of one semester organised jointly by ten European Universities, members of the EMICC-network (European Master in Intercultural Communication). In the Eurocampus programme, students from the partner universities attend classes and study together (Source: USI website).

This year the Eurocampus program is taking place in Castellon, Spain, at Universitat Jaume I. I have been teaching a module on “Intercultural Aspects of Visual Communication: Conceptual Visualization, Visual and Audiovisual Documents and Information” together with prof. Stockinger (Paris).

The fantastic warm weather and the wonderful support of Professor Patricia Salazar made my stay very pleasant.
The city of Castellon is about one hour from Valencia, near the sea.

DGPuK Organizational Communication 2011 Fribourg

November 12, 2011

The Annual Divison Conference of the German Communication Association
PR and Organizational Communication 
took place November 3-5th 2011, in Fribourg, Switzerland. I presented the results of my latest study, comparing the reception of strategy communication in Europe, East Asia and South Asia: “Organizational Communication in Europe and Asia: enhancing commitment to the strategy with culturally appropriate knowledge visualization”.
The topic for this year conference is “International and Comparative Research in Organizational Communication and Public Relations”, organized by Prof. Diana Ingenhoff.
The opening panel discussed the definition of PR and Organizational Communication in different cultural context (U.S., U.K., Germany).
Then researchers presented their latest studies: Andreas Schwarz had a very interesting presentation on “Crisis communication across borders: A culture-sensitive approach”. Useful insights and tips for publishing in PR and Organizational communication have emerged by the study of Swaran Sandhu, who presented “Publishing abroad? The international visibility of PR research from German-speaking countries”.
Dennis Schöneborn adopted an American perspective on Organizational Communication for discussing recent organizational phenomenon, presenting “The communicative constitution of global partial organizations”.
I was very plesed to see that he both Dennis and Swaran made extensive use of visualization in their presentaton and have also conducted research on visualization for organizational communication.

Finally, I enjoyed the presentation of Prof. Ingenhoff research group on “An international comparison on the influence of culture on online communication by Non-Profit-Organizations”, where they have used Hofstede dimensions for assessing and comparing NPO’s websites in different countries.

Network and career

November 12, 2011

Working hard is not enough. We might all have had the feeling that networking can help in career development. But how? Who should you network with? Is networking equally effective for men and for women? Prof. Carnabuci gave a very interesting seminar on the topic, organized by the Equal Opportunities service of the University of Lugano. Based on insights from recent research in social network analysis, it seems that being a “broker” is a successful strategy. Perhaps for men only.

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