A Visual Approach for Developing Social Enterprises

Some years ago I had the honor to meet Muhammad Yunus, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for his social enterprise the Grameen Bank. In the workshop organized by Social Business Earth, the Business Model Canvas was used to brainstorm and ideate social businesses. A visual template! And not really a fittingContinue reading “A Visual Approach for Developing Social Enterprises”

Our cross-cultural research is forthcoming in the journal Frontiers of Business Research in China

We are very glad that our cross-cultural research will be published in the journal “Frontiers of Business Research in China” (Vol. 8, issue 4). The article I wrote with Prof. Ge and N. Yaru, of the Central University of Finance and Economics, is titled “Improving Attitude toward Corporate Strategy with Visual Mapping: Scale Development andContinue reading “Our cross-cultural research is forthcoming in the journal Frontiers of Business Research in China”

Visual insights on the recent vote against massive immigration in Switzerland

  Last sunday Feburary 9th, Swiss people were asked to vote “against mass immigration. Some people have advanced the hypothesis that Cantons in which there is a high percentage of immigrants, they would vote in support of developing laws to prevent mass immigration. This graph seems to show quite the oppoisite! Beside the exception ofContinue reading “Visual insights on the recent vote against massive immigration in Switzerland”

Visual Guide to Startups, Founders and Venture Capitalists

On the visual.ly website you can find an innovative information visualization about startups, founders and venture capitalists. As the developers state: “Startups are positioned within the main interface on a horizontal interactive timeline, based on the year they were founded. Details about each company are provided below the timeline.” Check it out at: http://visual.ly/vizbox/startup-universe/

Innovate4Climate visual campaigns

The Innovate4climate project is a partnership of Climate-KIC, Impact Hub Zürich and WWF Schwei: they are “looking for innovative, scalable ideas to tackle climate change. At I4C you can submit and develop ideas whilst collaborating with others.” At the Communicating Visually course of the University of St. Gallen, we have collaborate with  Innovate4Climate: the courseContinue reading “Innovate4Climate visual campaigns”

Visualizing for personal development: the career sweet spot

“It isn’t normal to know what we want. It is a rare and difficult psychological achievement” Abraham Maslow (In Business model you pg. 125) Coaching, mentoring and personal development programs are usually based on dialogue. Talking is certainly useful, but we visualizing, drawing and sketching can provide additionl help for understanding yourself and your potential. StartingContinue reading “Visualizing for personal development: the career sweet spot”

Sketching self-perception and others’ perception

Dove’s recent ad “Real Beauty sketches” shows a number of interesting phenomena: first, visualizing how you see yourself and how others see you, can be revealing. Women often see themselves is less positive terms than others see them. Research indeed shows that women has lower self-esteem than men, on average. And the sketches help themContinue reading “Sketching self-perception and others’ perception”

Free software for visual and design collaboration

Mashable recently offered a review of the best ‘design collaboration tools’ which are available online for free: http://mashable.com/2013/08/06/design-collaboration-tools/ These online tools allow to share documents and feedback within a (dispersed) team or with clients. They allow to write feedback and to visually annotate the designs or graphics. Thanks Rahel for the hint

Organizational communication across cultures with visual mapping: benefits and perils

Communicating across cultures is often a challenge: it is easy to imagine that visualization can help us overcome linguistic barriers, but it can actually do much more! The benefits of visual mapping for cross-cultural communication can be summarized in five main factors: 1. Overcoming linguistic barriers. 2. Providing double cues: When the verbal or textualContinue reading “Organizational communication across cultures with visual mapping: benefits and perils”