Organizational communication across cultures with visual mapping: benefits and perils

Communicating across cultures is often a challenge: it is easy to imagine that visualization can help us overcome linguistic barriers, but it can actually do much more! The benefits of visual mapping for cross-cultural communication can be summarized in five main factors: 1. Overcoming linguistic barriers. 2. Providing double cues: When the verbal or textualContinue reading “Organizational communication across cultures with visual mapping: benefits and perils”

Prezi’s new interace and improved functions

Halloween brought a nice surprise to Prezi users: a complete and substantial update of the visual mapping software. I tested it: new version works really well! Several improvements not only regarding the interface: it is now faster, it doesn’t freeze anymore, there’s a library of icons and more freedom to chose Fonts, change font/colour withtinContinue reading “Prezi’s new interace and improved functions”