The Knowledge Visualization research group of the University of St. Gallen

December 20, 2012


Our wonderful research group in St. Gallen! Left to right: Roland, Friederike, Nicole, me and Martin.

Visual Literacy for Management course picture

December 13, 2012


Thank you to the students of the Visual Lieteracy for Management course for their active participation to the activities in class. It has been a great semester 🙂

Goodbye Oscar Niemeyer

December 12, 2012

The famous Brasilian architect recently passed away, on December 5th 2012, at the age of 104!

I started to admire his work, and write about his work for Brasilia, the new capital of Brasil, back in the ’90s. It really impressed me that the city was planned completely from scratch (an unknown concept in old Europe!) and that he gave it the shape of a plane… the ultimate visual metaphor 😉


Economist’s map of the Internet: the realms of GAFA

December 12, 2012

A recent article on the Economist (1 Dec 2012) portrayed a map of the Internet, with the 4 big players: Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – abbreviated in GAFA.The articles itself is based ont he metaphor and continuously refers to the visual metaphor. The Economist is going visual 🙂

Thank you Martin for the hint

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