Visual insights on the recent vote against massive immigration in Switzerland

February 13, 2014


Last sunday Feburary 9th, Swiss people were asked to vote “against mass immigration. Some people have advanced the hypothesis that Cantons in which there is a high percentage of immigrants, they would vote in support of developing laws to prevent mass immigration. This graph seems to show quite the oppoisite!

Beside the exception of Ticino, cantons which have high immigration rates, such as Geneva, Basel, Valais and Neuchatel voted against the implementation of laws to prevent mass immigration. On the contrary, in Cantons with low immigration rates, such as Schwyz and Appenzell Innerrhoden (which was also the last Canton to grant women the vote in 1991!) up to 65% of the population voted to develop measures to block mass immigration.
Are you surprised? Actually numerous studies show that the people are afraid of what they don’t know… so the more contacts and exposures you have with foreigners, the more you appreciate them.


Political campaign in Ticino going visual

April 11, 2011

Political parties is Switzerland have often made large use of visuals during political campaigns, in particular the right-wing has used metaphors of black sheep and rats to refer to foreigners.

It seems to be a general trend that the left parties are picking up in response. In this Example below you see a knowledge visualization developed by the PS party, making fun of the “world view” of the “destra ticinese” (right wing parties of Ticino). Nevertheless the Lega dei Ticinesi won at the yesterday’s elections. It now becomes the biggest cantonal party with about 30% of votes, an increase of over 7% compared to the last elections in 2007.

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