Innovate4Climate visual campaigns

The Innovate4climate project is a partnership of Climate-KIC, Impact Hub Zürich and WWF Schwei: they are “looking for innovative, scalable ideas to tackle climate change. At I4C you can submit and develop ideas whilst collaborating with others.”

At the Communicating Visually course of the University of St. Gallen, we have collaborate with  Innovate4Climate: the course participants have been challenged to create visual triggers, ideas and potential campaigns to takle the climate change issue.

Here you can see the colorful and innovative results!

Idea 1: Andy Warhol for climate change

(c) David Murray, Beatriz Carreta and Naomi Ng

Idea 2: Post-it your message


The full presentation of the work can be found at:

 (c) Marie Helbich-Poschacher; Isabel Araguas;Henrique Borges; Leora Lussi and Ali Cicioglu.
Idea 3: Posters “What do you really need?”



(c) Gan Cai Sheng Jonathan, Heng Jun Jie Calvin and Poh Siying Clarinda

Idea 4: contrast and visual framingwonders of the world


(c) Daryl Sim, Josh Sum and Dong Yi

Idea 5: Product Green


(c) Samuel Cobbi, Loic Doeblin, Verena Facundo and Federico Vollmeier

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