Mastering Intercultural Communication (Management for the Legal Profession)

February 12, 2014

Here you can find the link to the Prezi presentation for the module Mastering Intercultural Communication, which I’m teaching at the University of St. Gallen for the executive school, Management for the Legal Profession.


The suggested reading for the module is: Samovar, L., Porter, R., & McDaniel, E. (2011). Intercultural communication: A reader. Cengage Learning.

Teaching at the Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing

July 29, 2013


This is the wonderful class I had the pleasure to teach at the Central University of Finance and Economics, in Beijing, China.

Thanks to all the students of the Global Management Communication (summer program) for their kindness and active participation to class. Special thanks to Professor Ge for the invitation, and to Mrs Yu & my two wonderful Teaching Assistants!

Teaching on the importance of education at St. John’s School, Vizag

January 16, 2013


The importance of education is a relevant topic, especially for the joungest. I’ve been lecturing on the topic at St. John’s school, near Vizag (India) and had a great time interacting with the students. Together we have seen examples of Indian thought leaders and famouse personalities, and have drawn a personal map to success. I was really amazed by the knowledge of English of the students, and even more by their enthusiastic particiaption to the class. Together we have celebrated Pongal, a major Indian festival: the students have performed by dancing and singing, as you can see in the photo.Thanks to the Principal, Mrs Anu and her husban Isaac Bathulla, and to fr. John for the invitation.


Visual Literacy for Management

September 20, 2012

The presentation of the course Visual Literacy for Management, which I teach at the University of St. Gallen, is now online in a completely new format: a prezi presentation with a temple metaphor. It is also potrayed as ‘Visualization of the month’ on

Note: you need a good internet connection to be able to open it

Universidad del Pacifico – Visualization for Organizational Communication course

September 4, 2012

Thank you to the Universidad del Pacifico, Lima – Peru: I had a great time teaching the executive course “Visualization for Organizational Communication”.

Here’s the great team, Sunday at 7pm after 16 hours of teaching!

And, as promised, here are the results of the strategy communication game we have done in class:

The results confirm what we have discussed in class: the students exposed to visual format liked the strategy better. Not only the presentation format, but the content of the strategy! In terms of cross-cultural comparison, we see that our tiny sample of Peruvians prefer the mountain visual metaphors to the linear timeline, like Indians 🙂 Comments?

And finally, here’s the result of the roadmapping exercise:

Looking forward to receive the course assignments by Sunday September 9th (Swiss deadline!)

Eurocampus in Castellon

November 21, 2011

Eurocampus is an intensive and international study period on intercultural communication of one semester organised jointly by ten European Universities, members of the EMICC-network (European Master in Intercultural Communication). In the Eurocampus programme, students from the partner universities attend classes and study together (Source: USI website).

This year the Eurocampus program is taking place in Castellon, Spain, at Universitat Jaume I. I have been teaching a module on “Intercultural Aspects of Visual Communication: Conceptual Visualization, Visual and Audiovisual Documents and Information” together with prof. Stockinger (Paris).

The fantastic warm weather and the wonderful support of Professor Patricia Salazar made my stay very pleasant.
The city of Castellon is about one hour from Valencia, near the sea.

University of St. Gallen

October 24, 2009

This week I visited the prestigious University of St. Gallen, in north-est Switzerland. I’ve been invited for a guest lecture about knowledge visualization, in Prof. Eppler’s course of Business visualization.
No, I didn’t post the wrong picture… I took it from the class where I was teaching! The cows had pretty noisy bells that we could here during the class 🙂
The city of St. Gallen is very pretty, small and elegant. The university is right near the center and develops all the way to the top of the hill (where we had class).

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