Universidad del Pacifico – Visualization for Organizational Communication course

September 4, 2012

Thank you to the Universidad del Pacifico, Lima – Peru: I had a great time teaching the executive course “Visualization for Organizational Communication”.

Here’s the great team, Sunday at 7pm after 16 hours of teaching!

And, as promised, here are the results of the strategy communication game we have done in class:

The results confirm what we have discussed in class: the students exposed to visual format liked the strategy better. Not only the presentation format, but the content of the strategy! In terms of cross-cultural comparison, we see that our tiny sample of Peruvians prefer the mountain visual metaphors to the linear timeline, like Indians 🙂 Comments?

And finally, here’s the result of the roadmapping exercise:

Looking forward to receive the course assignments by Sunday September 9th (Swiss deadline!)

Presentation – Universidad del Pacifico, Lima

August 19, 2012

At the International Week of the Universidad del Pacifico, in Lima (Peru), I’m giving a presentation on “Communicating across Cultures with Interactive and Conceptual Visualization: Emerging Trends in Managerial Communication”, on August 23rd at 07:30- 09:30 . Here you can find the presentation.

Some more links from the presentation:

Interactive map of visual tools:

TED Talk using dual coding:

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