Windows 8 on Eee tablet pc

Windows 8 will be released tomorrow, and I got the chance to have a preview, testing it on a tablet Eee PC. The metro interface is really a surprise and a remarkable difference from the traditional Windows interface. It resembles the graphic and interaction of a tablet or smart phone, but I assume that mostContinue reading “Windows 8 on Eee tablet pc”

Visualization at IBM Research

The IT giant IBM has a Research center in Zurich, with over 3000 employees working on very exciting topics, from nanotechnology to information analytics. We just had the opportunity to visit the center and listen to a full day of presentations. We also had the opportunity to see technologies demos of augmented reality for retail,Continue reading “Visualization at IBM Research”

Supercomputer in Lugano

The CSCS (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre) moved the biggest Swiss supercomputer to Lugano. The new building is right in front of the stadium. Recently the center had an open day in which the general population could tour the new center and learn about the uses of supercomputers for research. The event has been very instructional,Continue reading “Supercomputer in Lugano”