Branding Approaches of Start-Up Companies

My book on “Branding Approaches of Start-Up Companies: An Exploratory Analysis of Current Practices in Switzerland” is now available on Amazon.

Book content:

This book presents the approach to branding activities of the biggest start-up companies of Switzerland. The goal is to analyze the practices and the level of reception of branding concepts by newly created companies. For this purpose, fifteen start-up companies in Switzerland were studied and compared from the branding and corporate communication point of view. Even though a vast literature covers the topic of branding for well-established companies, still very few studies focus on the crucial starting phase of a company. The study took place in 2006 and analyzed the branding activities of fifteen among the largest Swiss start-ups. The companies are analyzed from a branding perspective through interviews, observations, website and logo analysis. Theoretical and practical implications are illustrated, with the aim to extrapolate useful information for entrepreneurs.


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