Guest Post: Viviana Meschitti on Academic Teamwork

October 11, 2012
Guest Post by Dr. Viviana Meschitti
Academic collaboration is rarely investigated as it develops within real research groups. This study focuses on a team composed by ten people at different steps of the academic career, and it sheds light on the relationships linking hierarchy, leadership, mutual engagement among team members, participation to group activities, socialization of doctoral students. An empowering form of leadership motivates participation and facilitates the development of a community of practice where learning is maximized, with positive effects for PhD students.
The study is available online:
Meschitti V. (2012). Fostering teamwork and socialization in collaborative working environments. Insights from a situated study on a university research team. PhD thesis. Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, Switzerland.

Virtual World Conference

September 12, 2010


The program of The Virtual World Conference is online now, at

The Virtual World Conference is a unique event exploring the use of online virtual worlds for learning, collaborative work and business ventures, which will be hosted over a 24-hour period entirely in Second Life on 15 September 2010.

The one-day conference, following the sun around the globe, will bring together 21 international speakers to share ideas, showcase innovations and applications, and hold debates with a world-wide audience. This is an excellent opportunity to get a snapshot of leading research and expertise in the field, as well as network with like-minded peers.

Anna Peachey (The Open University/Eygus Ltd) and Professor Sara de Freitas (SGI/Lab Group) will chair in the European zone, with Andreas Schmeil (PARC/University of Lugano) in the American Pacific Coast time zone and Claus Nehmzow (Alcus International Ltd/Hong Kong) in the East Asian time zone.

The conference will consider how virtual worlds can change the way we learn, work and socialise, focusing on three core themes:

* Social interaction, societies and communities in virtual worlds.
* Business applications and strategies for using virtual worlds.
* Formal and informal teaching and learning in virtual worlds.

The Virtual World Conference will host trainers, experts, teachers, policy-makers, managers, consultants, tutors and researchers from industry, academia, schools and policy development, with representation from a wide range of different sectors including:

* Education: schools, colleges and universities.
* Research: universities, institutes, industrial labs.
* Training: training organisations, private foundations.
* Industry: international companies, SMEs.
* Health: hospitals and training institutions, care trusts.
* Environment: planning agencies, environmental agencies, emergency response organisations.
* Government: central government departments, agencies and local government authorities.

For more information, and to register, please see the website at

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