Organ donations in Europe: Latin countries are the most generous

  Spain, Portugal, France, Slovenia and Italy might have severe financial issues, but they are the most generous countries of Europe in terms of organs donations, with over 20 donors per million people. And Switzerland is well below the European average with only 12! Do you see any cultural pattern?


The IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystem Technologies took place in Campione d’Italia on June 18th-20th. I had the honor to be the chair of Track G: Platforms for Social and Community Involvement/Engagement. In the beautiful location of the CasinĂ² di Campione we had lively academic discussions and Dr. Schmeil presented our paper on “socialContinue reading “At IEEE DEST 2012”

Social Media Platforms for Social Good

My paper on “Social Media Platforms for Social Good” has been accepted for presentation at the IEEE DEST-CEE 2012 conference, which will take place in Campione d’Italia (yes, at the CasinĂ² itself!) in June. Social media can create disproportionate effects compared to the initial resources. In the paper I argue that this disruptive potential canContinue reading “Social Media Platforms for Social Good”