Integrated (Presentation) Communication

Recently I attended the International Exploratory Workshop “Social Robots and Emotion: transcending the boundary between humans and ICTs”, which took place at Franklin College Switzerland. It was very stimulating and motivating, and I very much enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and intellectual talks. Special thanks to Satomi for the organization and to professor Katz for theContinue reading “Integrated (Presentation) Communication”


Wednesday May 18th will take place USI’s EpiDay (Epi for EpistemologicalDay, but also HappyDay, if you wish). I’ll be presenting my latest study, a cross-cultural experiment about the reception of knowledge visualization to communicate strategy in Europe, East Asia and South Asia (=India). Here you can view my presentation and abstract. Feedback and comments are welcome.

Presentations 2.0

Power-point used to be the gold standard for presentations. Not anymore. Improving the visual appearance of slides, reducing the amount of text and increasing the number of pictures is not enough. Recent development in mapping software now allow anyone to create presentations that are actually maps and not a sequence of slides. Advantages are obviousContinue reading “Presentations 2.0”

PowerPoint and the military

PowerPoint is under military investigation. The New York times reports: “We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint” with an eloquent and provocative title, inspired by the so called spaghetti slide (see figure below). The leader of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan comment on the regards of this slide: “When we understand thatContinue reading “PowerPoint and the military”

I-KNOW conference 2010

The I-KNOW conference just took place in Graz, Austria. Lots of talking about visualization, starting with the first keynote Marti Hearst (UC Berkley). In her plenary talk she emphasized the trend toward more and more audiovisual communication at the expenses of text. We are glad to know that 🙂 She was presenting directly from herContinue reading “I-KNOW conference 2010”