Sociological images

“Sociological Images: Seeing is Believing is designed to encourage all kinds of people to exercise and develop their sociological imagination by presenting brief sociological discussions of compelling and timely imagery that spans the breadth of sociological inquiry.” Sociological Images is an interesting blog that uses pictures to provoke and discuss current sociological issues, from adsContinue reading “Sociological images”

Social Media Graphics

The social media universe is continuing to attract the attention of graphic designers, that use infographics, charts and graphs to explain, provide insights and explore creatively the Web 2.0. This blog on Social Media Graphics provides a collection of interesting and colorful graphs, by Michael Schulz. From the same author also interesting collections of shapesContinue reading “Social Media Graphics”

Knowledge visualization marketing

An example of knowledge visualization on the move 🙂 from Oxford, UK. The period table is probably the most amazing example of knowledge visualization: it enables insights (indeed, to understand that some elements were not yet discovered!), offers overview-zoom, and details on demand (if you have an interactive version) as in Schneiderman’s mantra, it’s colorContinue reading “Knowledge visualization marketing”

Cultural differences in the perception and representation of space

Professor Holenstein just gave an interesting seminar at USI on the cultural differences in the representation of space. He is one of the world major expert on the topic. He is the author of the Atlas of Philosophy (2004). I found interesting to hear his philosophical perspective on a topic I am particularly interested in,Continue reading “Cultural differences in the perception and representation of space”

Social Media Marketing Knowledge maps

I have posted earlier on the increasing use of visualization from the social media community. Now it is not only about information visualization; there are also beautiful infographics and useful knowledge maps. See this collection of Web 2.0 knowledge maps for an overview: From mindmaps and matrices, to visual metaphors and process diagrams.  (Thanks AlexContinue reading “Social Media Marketing Knowledge maps”

Multiple mice

Knowledge visualization gets more interactive when the group participants can share the same screen and nevertheless have their own mouse, as in the picture. A few software are now allowing this type of interactive collaboration, called multiple mice or single-screen groupware. Wunderworks offers a free download of their software that lets you connect 3 mice,Continue reading “Multiple mice”

The Social Media Jungle

The Lac Leman Forum this year organized a practitioner oriented conference “Navigating the Social Media Jungle”. It was held at the beautiful Olympic Museum in Lausanne. The keynote speakers covered a variety of topics, from Paul Argenti on Corporate Communication, insights on the social media strategy of the World Economic forum (Monck), to the legalContinue reading “The Social Media Jungle”

The rise of collaboration

“Yochai Benkler dubs it ‘the wealth of networks.” Howard Rheingold’s term is “smart mobs.” It’s the idea of technology-enabled collaboration … and it’s making us all smarter.” This is how TED Talks introduce their new theme “The rise of collaboration“, a great compilation of videos on the topic of collaboration and why it makes theContinue reading “The rise of collaboration”