Knowledge Visualization conference 2013 – London

IV 2013 16-18 July, London – Call for Papers:
“The Symposium on Knowledge Visualization and Visual Thinking is an international, interdisciplinary forum for
contributions from fields such as Knowledge Management and Visualization, Information Design and Architecture,
Cognitive Science, Argument Mapping, Business Sketching, Visual Analytics, Arts, Interface Design, Business Analysis,
Project Management, Economics, Market Research, Learning Sciences, Media and Communication Studies.
The joint aim is to address and discuss theories, methodologies, techniques, applications, evaluations and case studies
related to the visualization of knowledge and to processes which involve visual thinking.
This call for papers seeks original papers and contributions concerning, but not limited to:
– Theories, frameworks and models of knowledge visualization and all aspects of visual thinking
– Systems, methods and ideas on the evaluation of visualization methods and on conveying un-/intended
inferences (e.g. why do visualizations fail, even misrepresent, misinform, mislead etc)
– Research on the economic and social impact of visualizations (e.g. efficiency, meaning, policy, cross-cultural)
– Case studies on innovations in the visualization of knowledge, particularly in the area of ‘Complexity
Management’ (e.g. visualizing complex change projects)
– Experiences on the use of visual metaphors in science, business, politics and society
– Evaluations in the area of marketing and management support (e.g. abstract services in business, strategy
implementation etc)
– Research on the use of visual methods to communicate complex facts (e.g. nanotechnology to the general
public, use of visualizations in media, in urban planning as to future cities, in general simulation etc)
– Models and applications for infrastructures using interactive touch-displays (e.g. large multi-touch displays)
– Experiences on the use of live sketching to facilitate knowledge sharing and integration

KV2013 is part of the 17th International Conference on Information Visualisation (IV2013), 16-18 July 2013, London,
UK. Details and guidelines for submission of full papers or posters (Deadline: 1 March 2013) are available at:

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