Social Entrepreneurship: A Visual Approach – MBA course at Universidad del Pacifico

This is the presentation for the MBA couse “Social Entrepreneurship: A Visual Approach” which will take place at Universidad del Pacifico (Lima, Peru) next week.

social entrepreneurship a visual approach bresciani

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In this action-oriented course, participants will have the chance to experience visual tools to develop their own entrepreneurial ideas. The seminar proposes a novel visual approach to understand the core concepts and building blocks of Social Entrepreneurship and to simulate the development of a social project plan. In each module, participants will firstly be exposed to the main concepts and findings related to the SE topic, also through the discussion of mini-cases. Next, they will apply the concepts by practicing using the related visual tools to develop a social entrepreneurial project in group.

Bresciani, S. & Eppler, M.J. (2014). Visualizing Social Enterprises: A Guiding Framework and Applications in the Context of Water Solutions. In: Y. Sanchez & R. Gutiérrez (Eds), Social Entrepreneurship for Water & Energy Solutions.
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Suggested  readings:
Burket I. (2012) Using the Business Model Canvas for Social Enterprise Design. Knode.
Fairbourne, J. S. (2006). Microfranchising: a new tool for creating economic self-reliance. Journal of Microfinance/ESR Review, 8(1), 18-23.

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