Pinterest seminar

A great seminar on Pinterest was recently organized at the University of St. Gallen. It was organized by Prof. Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva and guest spakers included Sandrine Roditscheff of Namics AG, Petra Hütter of Swarovski and Katrin Schmitt of Schweiz Tourismus.

The speakers illustrate how an organization can use this popular Visual social network, not only to display their products, but also to develop commutities and offer customer service within Pinterest. Research on this topic is really cutting edge, as Pinterest is online only since 2010.

What is unique about Pinterest? Most of the users are Women, about 80% of the total users, and it is a completely visual social network, where you can pin up your favourite images you find around the web or from the boards of other users. It’s a website where people post their dreams and aspirations.


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